Cloudy Days

So, today was the second day that we’ve had our new Cannon Rebel camara. I call the awesome piece of equipment, Storm Trooper. I was a little bumbed when I first got it because it didnt come in black. Then my husband, Ben, made a comment that it looked like a strom trooper. How could I not like it?!

So today was a cloudy day after a rain, and a tad bit cold. But I couldn’t let the daylight go to waist so I put on my new fuzzy boots Ben got me for Christmas and headed outside. I walked around the house and went right to some of the antique machinery of my dads. I always love anything that has what I call “rustic elegance”. Everything is just so much better with rust! I hope you like the shots I took of these awesome pieces! Any comments, tips or tricks you may have feel free to post!


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