A Girl & Her Horse

“A girl’s home is where her horses roam.” – Rhonda Hendricks.

It just so happened that the first weekend with Storm Trooper my sister, Katelin, was coming home from school. So of course I asked her to dress up and get in front of the camera! Her co-star is her horse, Harley. We also got a few of her pup, Lane, running around in a few shots. We went out to the “first flat” which is right in front of my house and I started shooting away.

I found it is pretty darn hard to have two animals in the shoot and have everyone look good in one photo. So as you can see there aren’t too many photos with all three subjects, oops! In this shoot I wish I played around more with the ISO because I don’t think I had it at the best setting with the exposure I was getting in my raw photos. I also can’t wait to get a tripod to help with the sharpness. I started a trial for Photoshop and found out very fast I think I need to go to a class. I don’t even know where to start on this program, ah! You can do so much all you need to know is how to do it, and I don’t. So these are edited in Photos on our Mac desktop. We will see how I fare with Photoshop in the coming weeks.

Well, you live and learn and I’ll keep looking up tips and tricks to get it right!


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