Rachael & Bentley

Yesterday, Ben and I headed up to Copper Meadows to take a few photos of my awesome niece, Rachael. Copper Meadows is an event training and horse park located in Ramona, CA. They happen to have an awesome cross-country course that is every daredevil, horse fanatic’s dream.

Cross-country is a test of speed, endurance and jumping ability of both horse and rider over anything and everything you could imagine in a large open area. I once saw a jump that was a ginormous wooden duck, ha! This sport takes a lot of bravery and trust of both the horse and rider. It doesn’t matter how you look you just need to make sure the 4 hooves of your steed, with you on their back get over the obstacle in one piece.

Yesterday Rachael and her horse Bentley were in a clinic practicing for todays eventing show. This is where a trainer will school you and a small group of other horseback riders over the cross-country course jumps. The dynamic duo did awesome as you can see in the photos below!

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