Must Haves from Hearth & Heart with Magnolia

A couple of my favorite people Chip and Jo, are at it again with releasing a line called Hearth & Heart with Magnolia at Target. It is a home and lifestyle brand featured ONLY at Target that is super cute and pretty affordable. If your going for the modern farmhouse look it’s your Pinterest board displayed on the store shelves!

I saw the line announcement in the beginning of October and immediately put the reveal on my calendar. Benny and I made it to Target under the pretense of picking up a few essentials and “browsing” at the new collection… at least that’s what I told my husband!

We got out of there with a few things including this live edge serving board I couldn’t live without. Benny liked it too… well he liked the tag he chewed up in particular. 👇🏻

I just love him and his little tongue! (He’s been sticking it out whenever he gets new teeth in. Which right now are his 4 upper teeth…Ahhh! Testing those new pearly whites out I guess.)

Anyways, obviously I couldn’t leave without getting at least one thing and with so many cute pieces I’m sure to be back for more. Check out the whole collection here or click on a few of my favorites below!

{Christmas is 6 Fridays away guys!}

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What is SUPER cool is that the kids toys are made of wood – not plastic! Love that! Everything listed (except for the coasters which state Christmas sayings) are great for everyday use. Enjoy!



Major Savings Ahead——>

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And I have to throw it out there that I have the BEST husband ever. Saturday’s I work at my job in town and when I came home he had this piece from H&H waiting for me – flowers and everything! I am a lucky one 

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There are so many pieces I love! It’s totally my style, but I haven’t had a chance to pick anything up yet. Thanks for the post 🙂

So many people are swooning over this collection and now I see why! Love the neutral colors!

Ooh…I love this brand. Now I need to go to Target.

I love the kids wooden toys I feel like they just hold up so much better.