Five Must Haves for Your Newborn

You have gone through 9 months of pregnancy, hours of labor and now you have this little bundle of  joy in your arms. This peeing, pooping, crying little bundle of joy. Or maybe you are still anxiously waiting for your bundle, either way, now what?!

When we brought Benny home it was freezing and actually ended up snowing a few days later. (Yes, it can snow in San Diego.) Those first few days of being home alone with our little human were pretty scary to be honest. Thank gosh we live down the street from my parents who helped tremendously. They cleaned our whole house, moved in a glider that was gifted from my wonderful aunt and even had a fire roaring in our wood stove. I can’t tell you how much of a relief seeing all of this done was when we came through the door. After being in the hospital for a week we were ready to be home.

Being first time parents is not as easy as it seems (at least how it seemed to me). I questioned almost everything we were doing from diapering to feeding. Holding my new little niece for a couple of minutes the year before was vastly different from now caring for our little human 24/7. We called my parents, texted my sister and googled numerous times. I remember thinking “What did we get ourselves into?” And “Can I do this?” I look back now and realize how much we have learned and grown. The old saying of “it takes a village” is so true people.

I have been asked for recomendations numerous times so I put together this list of a few of the items that turned out to be must haves for us. I hope these help you just as much, if not more, than they helped us. Click on the underlined word to bring up on [Affiliate links used. Please read my disclosure policy for more information.]

1. Velcro Swaddle – we probably asked the hospital nurse a dozen times to show us how to swaddle and even took a class that showed us how to swaddle and STILL didn’t get the hang of it. These swaddles are SO easy, just unvelcro, put baby’s into the sack, fold over the sides and velcro together. TADA! Baby is as snug as a bug in a rug!

2. Swing – life saver, hands down. We had used the mamaRoo the first couple weeks which lulled Benny to sleep right away. Then when Benny got tired of this one we got a cradle swing and used this for months.

3. Baby Carrier – many people use baby carriers for all sorts of reasons, get house work done, make dinner or even lull to sleep. I used mine so I could still get my feeding chores done outside with my little one safely strapped to my chest.

4. Boppy – the bobby let me multi-task while breast feeding. I had a free hand to change the channel or text my family with baby questions. I also had an infant lounger that I used when I needed to fold clothes or clean up different rooms in the house.

5. Muslin swaddle – I didn’t use these to actually swaddle… though when I tried to swaddle with these, it was considerably easier that the standard swaddles because of the size. Muslin swaddles tend to run much bigger. But since I still sucked at swaddling I used these for the BEST burp rags, light blankets and carseat sun covers. They are large, lightweight and super absorbent.

EXTRA – Controversial Must Have

6. Pacifier – the bink (my nickname for the binky or pacifier) was NOT on my list of what I wanted for my child. Ben asked the nurse in the hospital for one and I shut it down real quick. I was so scared of Benny being so dependent on this and never wanting to give it up. But there are both pros and cons to the bink. Ultimately it was awesome for us. I gave in to my husband a couple weeks in and am so glad I did. I tried to only use it when necessary and not to just stop Benny from crying. He used it for a few months and then eventually, I think around 4 months, just didn’t want it anymore.

>And if you are more of an user here are the links to the items available on Amazon<

Velcro Swaddle | mamaRoo | Cradle Swing | Baby Carrier – make sure you get the newborn insert also| Boppy | Lounger | Muslin Swaddle | Pacifier


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First year monthly updates of our little guy can be found here.

Do you have any must have items you found to be super helpful? I would love to hear what you have up your sleeve! Mellott babe #2 will hopefully be on his or her way soon! 😉

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I loved my baby carrier and baby wrap, my second was so attached to me it was the only way I could get things done at first. I wish she had accepted a pacifier but she was only ever interested in me which was hard at first!

The boppy was my bestfriend with my youngest lol. I highly recommend it.

I totally agree with all of these ! Great list !

These are great suggestions. All my babies love their pacifiers like no other.