Easy Farmhouse Pillow Cover

So for a while now I have been trying to find throw pillows that are 1. not expensive and 2. cute. I couldn’t find anything so I thought why not just make what I want?!

I wanted something easy and something that could be washed when needed. I came across the “envelope pillow cover” and knew this was the perfect thing for me. After making my pillow covers I was so jazzed I thought I had to share. So I took a few pictures of the process and thought I would put it in a blog post. Now what I quickly came to realize is that the material I choose is SUPER cute but was NOT good for a tutorial. Specifically because there is no “right” and “wrong” side.

The “right” side of material is the side of material with the print. The side that you want displayed at the end of the day. The “wrong” side is the opposite – its the inside of the material.

So I hope to update this post when I make new pillow covers hopefully using a material that conveys this better. But for now take a look! [Affiliate links used in post.]

You will need:

  1. First you need to measure the pillows width and height from seam to seam.

The rule of thumb is to cut the material 1 inch more for the height and multiply the width x 2 ( for the front and back of pillow) and add 6 inches for the overlap.

-Height + 1in

-Width x 2 + 6in

  • If you want a tighter cover don’t add the 1 inch to the height cut.

2. My pillow was 16in x 16 in so I cut my material 17 inches high (16in + 1in) and 38 inches wide (16in x 2 = 32 + 6in)

3. With the WRONG side up iron 1/4in on both of the SHORT sides.

4. Then iron again 3/4in on both sides this creates your hem.

5. Stitch both hem sides.

6. Lay the fabric with the RIGHT side up on the table. Bring both now hemmed sides together to overlap 4 inches. Pin in place.

7. Stitch along outside edge where your pins are.

  • Remember to remove pins before sewing over them!

8. Turn inside out, stuff pillow inside and ta-da! A beautiful pillow cover!



If you have any questions for me feel free to shoot an email over to hello@mybackroadheart.com I would be happy to help!

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Great tutorial! You make this look so easy!

This is perfect timing! I need some throw pillows for my couch and I HATE sewing zippers so I was avoiding it. Love this!

They are just the cutest! I love the pattern!